Mariah Carey released “When Christmas Comes” – A latest album

Mariah Carey has joined with John Legend who was the winner of Grammy Award to release the new album fro Christmas. Initially released as a path on the Merry Christmas II You album, Mariah has at the present re-concerned the celebratory song as a duo for the 2011 season. John plays a impressive piano throughout the whole path, and adheres in performance with Mariah throughout various sections. The significance of the song is obvious: give the gift of love - as repeated in the lyrics, "I can't wait to unwrap your love until Christmas comes."

The music album is filmed in Mariah Carey's Beverly Hills mansion, performance the many joys of Christmas Day with family. The clip shows children liking each other's company, eating Chrissy indulgences, laughing and having fun. Snippets of a Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon feature throughout the video as a reminder that this special season is celebrated everywhere. More scenes follow showing family and friends enjoying the festive spirit of the special day. Mariah has stated that she is a good cook, and loves preparing all the Christmas goodies herself just to make the day extra special.

Mariah has said that Christmas has to be celebrated in the snow - even though she lives in Beverly Hills. Last year she wanted to go to Aspen for Christmas but was unable to fly due to health reasons with the twins on the way. However she still went away to a closer snow area just for the day.

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