Music as Stress Reliever

Listening to music does wonder to alleviate stress. Music has always been a great healer. Everyone has different tastes in music. Listen to the music that you feel comfortable. Music is a significant mood-changer and reliever of stress, working on many levels at once.

The following are general guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of the music.
  • To wash away stress, try taking a 20-minute "sound bath." Put some relaxing music on your stereo, and then lie in a comfortable position on a couch or on the floor near the speakers. For a deeper experience, you can wear headphones to focus your attention and to avoid distraction.
  • Prefer music with a slow rhythm. Music that has repeating or cyclical pattern is found to be effective in most people.
  • As the music plays, allow it to wash over you, rinsing off the stress from the day. Focus on your breathing, letting it deepen, slow and become regular. Concentrate on the silence between the notes in the music; this keeps you from analyzing the music and makes relaxation more complete.
  • Go for a faster music rather than slow calming music, if you need stimulation after a day of work.
  • When going gets tough, go for a music you are familiar with - such as a childhood favorite or favorite oldies. Familiarity often breeds calmness.
  • Take walks with your favorite music playing on the walkman. Inhale and exhale in tune with the music. Let the music takes you. This is a great stress reliever by combining exercise (brisk walk), imagery and music.
  • Listening to the sounds of nature, such as ocean waves or the calm of a deep forest, can reduce stress. Try taking a 15- to 20-minute walk if you're near the seashore or a quiet patch of woods. If not, you can buy tapes of these sounds in many music stores.

Google plans to launch music service: Report‎

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google Inc is planning to launch an online music downloading service tied to its search engine a move that would pit it against Apple Inc and its popular iTunes site.

Google's plans are still unclear, but it has been "stepping up conversations" about offering music services online as well as over mobile phones that use its Android operating system, the Journal said, citing people familiar with the company's talks with the music industry.

It was vague whether Google had signed deals with record labels, the report said, adding that the launch of a music downloading store was still months away.

Google and Apple have become competitors since the launch of Google's Android operating system, a rival to Apple's iPhone.

Google was not available for comment. allows music lovers to boost charity

Music lovers will be able to donate to charity as they download tracks on a new website.

They can choose which charity they want to support and it will receive half the profit for every track downloaded from

Among the charities that could benefit are Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth, British Red Cross and Teenage Cancer Trust.

The website, which allows access to more than 8.5 million tracks, was set up by music industry veterans Jonny Woolf and Lee Cannon.

Mr Cannon said: "By embedding generosity into the enjoyment of music we hope to change the way people think about giving.

"The website is designed to help charities connect with a new demographic and give music fans the opportunity to give while they get without it costing them a penny extra - it's a win-win."

Know about genesis of World Music Day

World Music Day, also recognized as Fete de la Musique, was a music festival that began in France in 1982. The thought was conceived by French Minister of civilization, Jack Lang, in 1981. World Music Day June 21st has been celebrated every year.

On this day, the musical group performs for free in open areas. Free concert are organized in parks, museums, train station, castles etc. This helps in creation all sorts of music accessible to the community. It gives a chance to commune and share a special relationship through music. There is no limit for noise on this day.

The word of ‘World Music’ includes both traditional as well as non-Western music. It is folk music of any culture, played by original people. It is also a classical music along with traditional cultural instruments. Some of them are – Tibetan `chants` Indian `raga` Japanese `Koto` music and South African `township` music.

World Music Day is famous in Argentina, Australia, Britain, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, and Costa Rica, China, India, Lebanon and several other countries. This is done to encourage peace and spread goodwill through music. Musicians from crossways the world is also invited to execute on World Music Day.

Improved Healing Through Music

Music has always been a very important division of our lives, as of childhood to our being an adult. As a part of our skills, music can have both a physiological and psychological influence upon us as human beings. In addition to the power that it has on our life, music also has many beneficial qualities and has been utilized in promoting a range of healings throughout the ages. As we know additional, music can be a very powerful medium for varying our state, of changing how we actually feel. More purposely music can be very efficient in producing a very deep and healing state of entertainment and in the process, reduce stress and even promote sleep. Music can also be used to assist one in improving his or her self-worth and furthering an individual's individual growth and development, transformation.

As a therapist I have forever used relaxation music in my medical and counseling work with others. I have establish that when I use relaxation music through both an individual and group counseling session that my customers do more productive work, are able to center more effectively on themselves and the issues that they are attractive present to because they are more relaxed, focused and centered and as a result, better able to focus. Being relaxed through the counseling process always tends to produce more productive results for the personality being counseled. Relaxation music can be an extremely effective and influential aid for assisting a client to reach resolution with deference to that which he or she is working on with their therapist.

Disc Musical Movement on TDM251 Battery Powered 22 Notes

The new battery motorized disc musical movement. It shows 120 mm music discs. The musical unit / group or instrument is powered by 3 volt (battery powered). This is a trendy musical movement with model makers and cupboard makers and has four threaded holes for fitment in to your own box.

The musical association is very easy to use, and has a musical variety of 22 notes.

The music plays as the disc revolves; gratify see below for a list of discs obtainable.

The musical group comes complete with battery possessor, switch and a cabling diagram and one disc. All you need to do is attach the wires fit the batteries, fix the movement into your plan, load the music disc and sit reverse and listen.