Lady Gaga captured the first top most earning women in 2011

Lady Gaga captured the first position of top most earning female musicians in 2011 of year income of $90 million, this survey released by on Wednesday. The nearest competitor for Gaga is Taylor Swift who earned $45 million in this year for her album “Speak now” and third competitor is Katy Perry who earned $44 million in this year for the album “Teenage Dream”. Beyonce is one of the fourth competitor who bearned $35 million in this year for her new album “4” and her touring also made her to come in 4th place. 

Fifth place is won by Rihanna, who earned $29 million fro her album “Loud” and her supports of Cosmetics Company. Lady Gaga stands first among all these competitors due to her big album “Born This Way and various others contracts with companies like Polariod and virigin mobile. The other singer who have listed in the top ten lists are, 6th place was got by pink $22 million, 7th place was won by Carrie Underwood$20 million, Celine Dion won the 8th place who earned $19 million, Adele won the 9th place and Britney Spears won the 10th place.  

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