Scottish singer Jackie Leven is fatally sick with cancer

Jackie Leven one of the famous Scottish singer-songwriters is suffering from cancer was reported yesterday.

In a line of business extending above forty years, Jackie Leven has imprinted an imposing standing as an exclusively talented singer-songwriter. From his appearance as head of the undervalued DOLL BY DOLL in the 70’s, during well recognized habit troubles which Leven defeated with extraordinary power of determination, end in a alone renaissance during the 1980s to the here and now, Jackie has combined an amazing stiff of effort ' the creator of above 400 songs, counting debatably his most song ' 'Call Mother', from the album 'Mystery of Love'.

If auctions didn't always return the overpoweringly optimistic dangerous response his albums expected, he however leftovers a sensitive writer and singer. Jackie was instilling with a fidgety originality, and always penetrating for new locations for his ruminative poetic in his journey, fastened with comedy and musical elegance.

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