Lady Gaga’s Indonesian show was blocked

Lady gaga cancelled her show after the Islamic hard- liners called her a “devil worshipper”. She told her fans that she became devastated at having to cancel her sold-out show in Indonesia. Disagreement over the performance is a blow to the mainly Muslim country’s status as a broadminded, pluralist civilization that compliments liberty of appearance. The most dishonorable Islamic Defenders Front said Lady Gaga’s sexy clothes and offensive dance moves would change the youth minds.

They swear to crowd at the airport by the thousands if Lady Gaga arrived. Others said they bought tickets so they might cause destruction from within the 52,000-seat stadium in the capital, Jakarta.  The 26-year old pop diva tweeted to her followers Sunday night “we had to cancel the concert in Indonesia” after promoters recognized fears about her individual security and that of her “Little Monster” fans if the show went ahead.

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