Whitney Houston grand ceremony held at New Hope Baptist Church

Famous singer Whitney Houston ceremony was held on Saturday at the New Hope Baptist Church. Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, the Winans family and R. Kelly were between those who gave Houston a musical send-off. Stevie Wonder bespoke the lyrics of his classic "Ribbon In The Sky" to "There's an angel in the choir of love" for Whitney while R. Kelly presented a heartbreaking performance of "I Look to You", a song he highlighted that Whitney characteristic on her 2009 album of the same name. 

The procedures ended in a right way with Whitney's most famous song, "I Will Always Love You," playing as her treasure chest was solemnly walked out of the church. Bittersweet, the ceremony celebrated Houston's amazing life and activities and guests shared personal anecdotes about their Nippy, her nickname. Bodyguard costar Kevin Costner fought back tears as he said, "Go sing for your heavenly father, Whitney."

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