Nicki Minaj teams with Lil Wayne on 'Roman Reloaded'

Nicki Minaj has now dropped the title path for her approaching follow-up to Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded, and while the Lil Wayne helped song isn't all we'd expected for, it's not the most horrible thing that could've occurred to the album.

"Roman Reloaded" isn't the catchiest, radio-friendliest path Nicki's goes down of late by a long try, considering "Starships" and "Young Forever" was more or less written for the "Super Bass"-leaning, adolescent crowd. "Reloaded" accurately consists of one note recurring over and over again, varied in with some gunshot and detonation FX, irregular Weezy interruptions about doing shitloads of drugs, and one too many recurrences of the phrase "Barbie bitch" in place of truly trying to assonance with the word "bitch."

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