Embellished effort of Lady Gaga in “Born this way” album

When Lady Gaga released her music album “Born This Way” she had enfolded up the huge globe expedition. Now she is ready to launches her next stage show, since this year “2011” is coming to an end. 

Fernando Garibay said that this music album was the most special because the music is fully filled with her style and emotion. He also added that each song in this album was a story in the directions of the Born This Way theme. 

Recently Lady Gaga is engaged in playing smaller radio shows, her producer reported. She said that she would love to go there and do her entire new album, but each one out there wants to hear the songs that radio has made hits for her over the years, so she wanted to honor the radio station as well as the fans tonight and give them a little bit of her new record, but also all the songs from the past three years.  

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