To prove himself-Justin Beiber took DNA test

Justin Bieber took a DNA test on Friday in his continuing fatherhood fight, it is reported.

TMZ declares that the Baby singer presented to a laboratory in New Jersey and it is at the present downward to Mariah Yeater to give her child's DNA.

The 20-year-old California woman claims that she had a '30-second' meeting with Justin offstage at one of his performances in Los Angeles last year that resulted in her getting pregnant.

Justin it seems that took the test under much forbidden situation and it would be very hard for Mariah or her lawyers to confront it if it approaches rear that he is not the father.

The rumors that Justin and his groups will not even talk about a resolution with Mariah unless fatherhood is confirmed.

The singer has sweared to case a claim against Mariah and her lawyers once he begins that he is not the father of baby Trystan.

Mariah has crashed her first court case against Justin but he it seems that required to do the DNA test to quiet argument nearby the subject once and for all.

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