Murray’s final judgment for his involuntary manslaughter

Dr .Conrad Murray’s sentencing today for involuntary murder is the final step in the criminal case began within days of Jackson’s sudden death in June 2009. The legal representatives want a judge to punish the 58-year-old Murray to the maximum 4- year prison term. Defense lawyers oppose that Murray already faced his lifetime of shame and shrunken opportunities and should obtain probation.  

 How long Murray may stay following bars depends on the Los Angeles Sheriff's section, which would found the decision on high-quality performance and other issues.

 Even devoid of congestion and a new state law that will send Murray to province jail rather than prison, a four-year punishment could be cut in half by good quality behavior.

 It stayed indistinct Monday whether Jackson's family will talk during the verdict investigation. His mother Katherine and several siblings regularly be presented at the six-week examination that ended with the confidence on Nov. 7.

 Legal representatives represented Murray as an useless doctor who directed propofol - an awfully powerful painkiller usually used during surgical treatment - in Jackson's bedroom without sufficient defends and failed his care when effects went wrong.

 The trial is also are looking for compensation for Jackson's three children and filed a statement from the singer's estate stating the cost of the singer's funeral was more than $1.8 million. The letter also notes that Jackson would have earned $100 million if he had performed a planned series of comeback concerts in London.

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