Lady Gaga preparation to open a new orphanage in India

Lady gaga the most female singer has an idea to adopt the three Indian orphans according to sensationalist news of November 13.

Before choosing other orphans around the world she planned to select three orphans first from the India. She decided to open the new orphanage in India by adopting every orphan around the world. 

Her team told that she has a desire to open an orphanage in India from her childhood. And also they added that she born on this planet for some reason and as achieving celebrity she observes it as a symbol that she has to provide reverse the good luck that she is acknowledged. 

They also said that she already opened her Born This Way Foundation in India and visited two orphanages to open her new orphanages during her last visit. She wants atleast three Indian and one American orphans.

She is not like other celebrities who forgot their own country said by her team. Her plan to open an orphanage takes time since she is in her music career.

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