A music record has been released to honor Amy Winehouse

Following the untimely death of singer Amy Winehouse, a music album has been released in respect of her role to music. It goes with the song “Our Day Will Come” and features a variety of shorten of the late singer in the tallness of her career. You’ll see footage of her during live presentations, and offstage indications which depicts the remembrance of how we should all keep in mind Amy.

It is also reported that this song is the part of her song which will be released on December 6 and also they added that Amy has a lot of unreleased work, however we are going to miss all her unreleased songs. She even planned to release her album after finishing all her work with the “supergroup” Saalam Remis said. He also said that there is also another song about her ex-husband’s unfaithfulness and ‘Best Friend’.

On July 23 of this year, Amy Winehouse was dead in her London apartment house and it was afterward reported that she had died from harsh alcohol toxic. Her untimely death was a overwhelming instant for her fans and music lovers. And in hold up of Amy, this music video is just what fans require to celebrate Amy for her expressive music and famous role to the music industry.

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